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We aspire to become a regional academic centre of excellence in Business and ICT training, policy formulation and applied research that is nationally and internationally recognized.

The institute will provide first class teaching, research and consultancy.

Mission Statement

We intend to be a leader in Computing and Business Management studies, Research and Consultancy services on the African continent and beyond. IBMIT will be an innovative, market orientated institution, pursuing inquiry, discovery, and application through excellence in teaching and learning, added value research, cutting edge consultancy and a vibrant studied life.

The Goal of the Institute

The goal of the academy is to improve the quality of education and quality of life of the population of Southern Africa and its surrounding region by enhancing human resource development and contribution towards evidence-based policies, efficient, effective and sustainable practices.

The Institute’s principle goal is to provide a solid secular education. We are accustomed to high standards and this will be made possible by highly motivated parents and students and dedicated staff and lecturers. We expect our staff to be professional and committed, not to accept mediocre standards. In a society experiencing fundamental change, staff has a greater responsibility to ensure that the institute maintains a proud academic tradition. Not with standing our pride in our academically competent students, we are equally proud of our students who despite having learning difficulties are able to find their pace and integrate in an Institute environment and receive the benefit of a proper education. We thus cater for different levels of academic competence and everyone, regardless of levels of achievement, is treated fairly and equally. We believe that everyone must be pushed to the limits of their potential, whatever this may be, and, where possible exceed those limits

This Institute offers mainstream inclusive academic program. It is our aim to accommodate, in the regular lecture room, the diverse learning needs and the capacities of our students, irrespective of their academic abilities.

One major challenge, we as Institute educators face is to give our students grounding in the traditional academic skills while simultaneously providing a broad education that will be exciting and fun and make our students more motivated and happier and consequently, ready to cope with the onerous academic demands of further and higher education and Training. Education therefore in our Institute must “come alive” i.e. while we accept that the theoretical knowledge and mastery of academic subjects are essential, we want our students to be excited about their learning and we are on the firm opinion that active learning and participation are the key elements to academic and general contentment. We expect the institute to be a hub of dynamic activity both in the lecture room and outside

We believe that learning does not only depend on the next book and the lecture room, much relevant education takes place outside the lecture room. The fact that the Institute allows for the development of student leadership and encourages maximum participation in clubs, societies and sports, is a significant part of the education, as is bringing people with special skills or interest into the Institute and encouraging students to be involved in the community at large.

In reading of literature and poetry we aim to teach compassion and social values: through social studies, when we evaluate mans success and failures, we hope somehow to inspire an awe and respect for human life. In the guidance lessons we try to understand what makes people tick and how to better handle them and ourselves. The miracle, value and worth of life must surely be appreciated through the study of science. We focus on honesty by demanding it in every aspect of Institute activity and the Institute rules are designed to teach people respect for others.

There is a school of thought which says that school mirror what happens in society. We believe the Institute should in fact lead and influence the society. Our society tends at times to be violent and negative-We need to be positive and caring. The rise of influence tends to isolate people. Our institute should represent the old time neighborhood characterized by close interpersonal relationships. The composition and functions of the modern family have changed. Can the Institute not become the extended family? You, the parents, are our partners in the educational process. Your support and confidence in us serve to inspire a healthy creative attitude on the part of your child.

Finally, it is our earnest belief that people learn and are more motivated when they are happy. We are also firm and can be tough and uncompromising especially when students break cardinal rules. In any community people have to work together and respect one another as people and when this break down, we take action. Our students need structure and to know the limits at all times. We believe that sympathetically firm approach sets the tone for academic and personal development in the Institute

At IBMIT, we work hard at creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Our facilities are easily accessible. We pride ourselves in having a competent and committed staff that goes to great lengths to provide our students with necessary services. We have committed ourselves to provide students with quality Education and Training. In this regard, we emphasis the provision of quality in terms of: teaching, Learning, and service.

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