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Disciplinary Code of Conduct

One of the greatest challenges of the Institute, especially with the large population of students, is that we have to deal with students with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. While we do not want to impose a harsh authoritarian regime in the Institute and thereby stifle all this potential creativity, we have to find the happy medium that will enable us to pull in the reins when we have to and let go when it is appropriate.

Discipline problems are handled in a one-on-one basis at Institute. All students must learn to accept the responsibility for their actions when they fail to follow rules and fail to respect the rights and dignity of others or the Institute property. In order to help all students to become well adjusted people, the Institute will be using a disciplinary system. If a learner does not follow the Institute’s rules, the lecturer or other Institute staff members will respond to the misbehavior. Consequences will follow a logical progression of procedures. Consequences are listed below:

Counseling/ problem solving/ conflict resolution with the student ; Parent/ guardian contact

Conference with lecturer, parent/ guardian, and student ; In Institute suspension ; Out of Institute suspension ; Expulsion

Note: This document and the procedures set therein may, from time to time, be amended, amplified or added to, in order to cover exigencies which may not have been completed at the time of publication thereof. In such event, a revised document will be provided to parents and students.


- Respect is to be shown to everyone at all times. Property of the Institute and students is to be treated with respect.

- Good manners during lectures and while representing the Institute are expected at all times.

- Our Institute is judged in the eye of the general public by the behavior of our students outside the Institute premises. Any action, which brings the Institute’s name into disrepute, will not be tolerated.

- Safety should be maintained at all times.


1) Minor Transgression

In general, a lecturer at the Institute has the same rights as parents to control and discipline the student according to the Code of Conduct and Rules of the Institute, during the time that the student is at attendance at the Institute, in any lecture room, and during Institute functions or Institute excursions or any Institute related activity.

2) Serious Disciplinary Transgression

While it is not the Institute’s intention to suspend or expel students, it sometimes become necessary to remove students who infringe upon the rights of others or who refuse to follow the rules of Institute.

Examples of reason of suspension and / or expulsions are:

2.1 Caused, attempted or threatened to cause physical injury to other person or willingly used force or violence upon another person, except in self-defense.

2.2 Unlawfully possessed, used, or been under the influence of alcohol, illegal, banned or controlled substance as defined in any Act promulgated by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa or by any provincial or local authority.

2.3 Unlawfully offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any alcohol, illegal, banned or Controlled substance, as defined in any Act promulgated by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa or by any provincial or local authority.

2.5 Committed, or attempted to commit hate speech, robbery or extortion.

2.6 Caused or attempted to cause damage to Institute or private property.

2.7 Stole or attempted to steal Institute private property, receiving or being in possession of any stolen Institute or private property.

2.8 Committed or obscene act or engaged in repeated profanity or vulgarity.

2.9 Disrupted Institute activities or defied the valid authority of Institute personnel.

2.10 Committed or attempted to commit sexual assault or sexual battery, sexual misconduct on the Institute premises or during an official Institute function.

2.11 Repetitive and continued harassment of another student, either of a verbal, physical or psychological nature.

2.12 Repeatedly committing inappropriate acts for which the students has received three warnings during the current calendar.

No student will be suspended or expelled for any of the acts set out above unless that act is related to Institute activities or attendance.

- While on Institute premises.

- While going or coming to Institute

- During any break period, whether on or off campus.

- During, or while going to or coming from the Institute related activity.

- Bring the good name and reputation of the Institute into disrepute.

We are Committed to quality, we aim to "get things right" from the first moment contact is made with IBMIT. Offering a wide range of subjects and a flexible timetable, programmes of study are tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual student, following initial consultations.

From then on, progress is carefully monitored so that each student gets the most out of his or her time at the college. In fact there is no ‘typical’ IBMIT student; the college thrives on meeting the diverse needs of students from the local community to ensure academic success and all-round development of the individual. Self-discipline is expected and independence encouraged, and there is a lively, adult atmosphere. Student services and careers staff ensures that students are treated as individuals and given the support that they need. Daily sessions begin at 8.30am and classes generally finish around 5:30 pm. Individual timetables vary a great deal, but most students have one free afternoon a week when they can undertake private study.

Students choose IBMIT for various reasons, not least for the variety of other activities offered by the college including sport, music, drama, and much more, often performed to national standards. The opportunities provided to the students in their two years at IBMIT are many and wide-ranging. Make the most of them and we’ll help you along the way.


  • Students are prohibited from smoking, taking alcoholic beverages or intoxicants of any kind, possessing or dealing in illegal drugs. Anyone found in possession of them will be expelled.
  • Student must strictly abide to the timetables of the institute. No one is allowed to remain absent from classes, studying periods and other related times without a valid reason and consent of the authorities.
  • Radios, computer games, television, DVDs, firearms and other items that may be injurious to the students physically or morally etc. are prohibited. Such items will be confiscated forthwith
  • Students are required to be well-groomed and neatly dressed at lectures
  • Students must not carry anything that could be considered a weapon. Students must take care of the institute’s furniture and equipment- we may ask you to pay for any damage you cause.

Students must not run along corridors or up/down stairs.

Please place litter in bins, spitting is hazardous to health and is forbidden.

You must wear correct clothing and wear or use any necessary safety equipment,