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Assessment and Feasibility



A student shall not be admitted to any form of assessment unless he has paid all fees or any fines imposed by the Institute. A student shall, in accordance with the rules laid down by the college attend lectures and tutorials satisfactorily and obtain assessment marks which shall be taken into consideration in admitting.

We have always believed that the skills learned when you have to research, evaluate and report are crucial to the educational process. Outcomes based Education demands the development of these skills and projects are important life skills, as well as having an educationally sound basis. An important point to remember is that many of the assignments given to the students do not need to be produced in the same way as they would produce a project. The lecturers established a word limit or lay out clearly defined parameters with clear instructions for each assignments or project. It is unnecessary for students to exceed these requirements.

The time spent on a project differs in each subject and in each assignment. The lecturers indicate how much time and energy on projects that do not demand it. It is important to ensure that students are aware of what is required and does not do more than is necessary. The length of a project is determined by each department and each project that is set. It will of course vary significantly. Once again, the instructions given are crucial and should be followed. It is not necessary but highly recommended for projects and assignments to be done on the computer. Not all students have access to computers at home but can use those in student labs; however this can be determined by the lecturer. There are computers at the institute and are available for the students to make use of them.

Academic Guarantees

Our students will be protected against our lecturing staff’s negligence to deliver the promised tutorial programs; we will only use qualified lectures, requisite infrastructure for the courses offered, support services for students whilst on course. In this respect IBMIT undertakes to provide the following:

Sustain course program offerings in terms of institutes facilities, infrastructure, operational continuity and financial obligations.

Adherence to requisite accreditation regimes

Compliance with requisite statutory health and safety requirements

Undertake an in-house quality assurance program that seeks to be compliant with the institute’s excellence model.


Institute of Business Management and Information Technology fees are charged per semester, and students may pay it in full or on installment usually on a per month basis, registration fees usually once paid is not refundable but part of fees could be refunded in case the student decides to cancel his/her enrolment depending on the amount of time he has attended school.

Student Financial Aid

IBMIT may at some point offer financial assistance in terms of school fees waiver to registered students who may need help, this limited help may target orphans, and those who prove beyond measurable doubt that their families can’t afford and who excel in their studies.


• Individual Counseling
• These sessions are private and confidential
• Support groups

Academic Development

• Improving academic performance
• Assistance with study methods, exam preparation & time management
• Services for disabled or special needs students

Career Guidance and Job Placement

• Career guidance and career interested assessments
• Workshops and training for a job-hunting
• CV Writing and interview skills, Job shadowing

Health Education and Related Services

• Workshop and information sessions on topics eg. HIV/AIDS, Sex and Sexuality and substance abuse, Community Projects