Course Outline

With so many products and services available to consumers, the need for effective Sales and Marketing techniques is greater than ever. The role of the Sales and Marketing teams is crucial to the growth and success of any business.

Sales and Marketing Management is growing in popularity as increasing numbers of students, colleges and employers recognise its relevance to the international job market. The course is designed to provide students with valuable information should they decide to go on to university or straight into employment after studying.

In order to increase the revenue of any business there must be sales and marketing strategies in place. Whether it is expanding existing business accounts or developing new business, careful planning and implementation has to be carried out in order to be successful. ABMA students who study Sales and Marketing Management will be equipped with this knowledge and will provide an extra dimension to any company they join.

With units from Principles and Practice of Marketing and Principles and Practice of Selling to Marketing Management and Sales Management, this ABMA course has been carefully designed to give the student an excellent foundation from which to establish themselves in this industry, to develop their career in their current role or to continue their studies at a higher education level.

"I was a student at Universal Group of Colleges in the faculty of Sales and Marketing Management where I undertook the Advanced Diploma with ABMA. I managed to score distinction in all subjects. After obtaining the Advanced Diploma, I was pleased to discover that this course was in high demand in the job market. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be have a studied with ABMA. It has changed my life."
James Mukumbu Makumbi, Universal Group of Colleges

A job related to Sales and Marketing Management can be extremely rewarding for those who are dedicated and committed to their roles. You will be the person or team member who is responsible for the continuing success and growth of a business. With this role comes great responsibility but also great satisfaction when the business develops as a result of your hard work.

This is an abma-based course