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Course Outline

The need to develop sustainable communities is important in all nations of the world. To make sustainable development possible, people and organisations within communities must understand and appreciate the factors that influence their lives and the lives of people around them. The ABMA recognises the need for skilled individuals within communities and here we look at an ABMA course specifically designed to prepare students for a career in Community Development.

Community Development is one of the most popular courses on offer from the ABMA and its popularity continues to grow. The course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future careers.

In order to help develop the local community, it is essential to understand the importance of teamwork to achieve common goals. It is also important for members of the community to have a platform from which indivduals can express their opinions on the factors that shape and influence their lives.

With units from Social Work, Community Welfare and Community Empowerment as well as Crisis Management, students can obtain all the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a career in Community development.

"Community Development is promising to change the tradition of our country into a more developed Malawi...The ABMA place the welfare of people first for the betterment of all. Through the best training possible that we obtain from them in both the preparation of exams and what to do when we are employed, ABMA provide all the skills that one needs in order to excel in a career in Community Development."
Tambuzai Chisesele, Skyway Business College

A career in Community Development is a role that is constantly changing with new issues affecting communities all the time. The ABMA continuously reviews the syllabus with industry experts and universities to ensure its relevance to the sector. There are few more rewarding roles that an ABMA student can choose than ensuring the sustainability of local communities through a management career in Community Development.

This is an abma-based course